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Demersal: The demersal zone is the part of the sea or ocean (or deep lake) comprising the water column that is near to (and is significantly affected by) the seabed and the benthos. The demersal zone is just above the benthic zone and forms a layer of the larger profundal zone. (Wikipedia)
Acestrorhynchus microlepis
Pike characin
Bagre marinus
Gafftopsail sea catfish
Baldwinella aureorubens
Streamer bass
Bathygobius soporator
Frillfin goby
Batrochoides surinamensis
Pacuma toadfish
Branchiostegus japonicus
Horsehead tilefish
Centropristis ocyurus
Bank sea bass
Chilara? taylori
Spotted cusk-eel
Diplectrum euryplectrum
Bighead sand perch
Diplodus holbrookii
Spottail Seabream
Eleotris pisonis
Spinycheek sleeper
Enchelycore carychroa
Chestnut moray
Gobiesox nigripinnis
Blackfinned clingfish
Gobiosoma bosc
Naked Goby
Lagodon Rhomboides
Mugil liza
Lebranche mullet
Ophidion scrippsae
Basketweave cusk-eel
Opsanus beta
Gulf Toadfish
Orthopristis ruber
Corocoro grunt
Pomadasys corvinaeformis
Roughneck grunt
Pontinus longispinis
Longspine scorpionfish
Porichthys plectrodon
Atlantic midshipman
Pristipomoides aquilonaris
Rhomboplites aurorubens
Vermillion Snapper
Rypticus maculatus
Whitespotted soapfish
Sphoeroides dorsalis
Marbled puffer
Urophycis regia
Spotted codling