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Cavity Wide: The ichthyolith's cavity is distinctively wide (defined as more than four times as wide as the "walls" surrounding it at its midpoint; alternately phrased, the cavity takes up more than than two-thirds of the total width of the cross-section at its midpoint).
cavity widex
Albatrossia pectoralis
Giant grenadier
Ceratias tentaculatus
Southern seadevil
Chaenophryne longiceps
Can-opener smoothdream
Coryphaenoides acroplepis
Pacific grenadier
Dolopichthys longicornis
Dolopichthys longicornis
Dreamer anglerfish
Lactoria cornuta
Longhorn cowfish
Linophryne racemifera
Melanocetus johnsonii
Humpback Anglerfish
Melanocetus johnsonii
Humpback anglerfish
Melanocetus murrayi
Murray's abyssal anglerfish
Melanocetus murrayi
Murray's Abyssal Anglerfish
Microlophichthys? microlophus?
Short-rod anglerfish?
Nezumia liolepis
Smooth grenadier
Nezumia stelgidolepis
California grenadier
Oneirodes acanthias
Spiny Dreamer
Oneirodes acanthias
Spiny dreamer
Paracaristius maderensis
Giant lampfish
Scopelogadus mizolepis
Ragged bigscale